A garden store with an old garden shed feel

Step into the nostalgic charm of this small garden design, plant, and equipment supplier, where we blend the essence of an old garden shed with a sustainable twist. Our unique approach lies in our use of recycled materials, creating a look and feel that takes you back in time while championing eco-consciousness. From weathered wood to reclaimed tools, every element in our design showcases the beauty of repurposed resources. Our team of skilled artisans and craftsmen diligently handcraft each piece, infusing it with rustic character and timeless appeal. By partnering with local suppliers and tradespeople who share our commitment to sustainability, we ensure that the design of the store not only capture the essence of the past but also contribute to a greener future.  Join us on this journey as we blend nostalgia, sustainability, and exceptional craftsmanship to bring your garden dreams to life.


Here at Element 17 we love nothing more than making people happy. We are proud that so many of our clients have great things to say about us. Like everyone else we work hard to get things right and know that we dont always do.

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