A slow and smoked restaurant and bar

Witness the stunning rebirth of an old warehouse into an immersive American grunge-style bar and restaurant, where the magic of smoked and slow-cooked meats takes center stage. The rustic charm and industrial grandeur of the space blend effortlessly, transporting you to a bygone era of raw energy. Every corner tells a captivating story, as weathered brick walls and exposed beams evoke the rich history now infused with vibrant spirit. Expert chefs work their culinary wizardry, transforming premium cuts of meat into tender, flavourful masterpieces. From brisket to ribs, each dish is a testament to passion and precision, paying homage to American grunge traditions. Embrace the remarkable transformation—a haven where urban chic meets delectable, smokey delights in the Triangle District in Ashburton. The big sister of the first Smoke Restaurant in Rolleston


Here at Element 17 we love nothing more than making people happy. We are proud that so many of our clients have great things to say about us. Like everyone else we work hard to get things right and know that we dont always do.

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