Welcome to our Tokyo-based ramen bar

Welcome to our Tokyo-based ramen bar, where culinary excellence meets captivating design. Step into a realm of sensory delight as neon lights cast a vibrant glow, illuminating the intricate Japanese-styled screens that adorn our intimate space. Our communal dining experience fosters a sense of connection and shared enjoyment, allowing you to bond with fellow ramen enthusiasts from all walks of life. The industrial lighting fixtures lend an edgy yet inviting atmosphere, accentuating the interplay of tradition and modernity. Each detail of our design is meticulously curated to transport you to the bustling streets of Tokyo, where ramen culture thrives. Indulge in the artistry of a ramen from Ramen Ria, expertly crafted with the finest ingredients and time-honored techniques. Join us for a ramen at Ramen Ria where tradition meets innovation, and let the ambiance of our remarkable space enhance your ramen experience in unforgettable ways.


Here at Element 17 we love nothing more than making people happy. We are proud that so many of our clients have great things to say about us. Like everyone else we work hard to get things right and know that we dont always do.

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