8 June 2016

I had a meeting today with a regional smoke free enforcement officer an discussed what makes an outdoor area a smoke free area or not.  By coincidence a client of mine forwarded me an email from Hospitality NZ weekly update and it was great to read it was exactly the same information I had just discussed over a coffee.  So to cut a long story short and repeated below is for all NEW builds the walls and envelope must be 35% or more open 

As previously advised, the open air calculator, which has operated for the last decade, as a means of determining whether a smoking area was indoor or outdoor, is no longer able to be used as a result of a High Court decision.

The Ministry of Health had to look at a new way of measuring and defining what can or cannot be deemed as an outdoor smoking area, and last week advised that they can no longer use the “old formula system” to determine what constitutes an outdoor smoking area but can only provide guidelines. 


Rule of thumb is that for all NEW builds the walls and envelope must be 35% or more open and for all EXISTING premises the smoke free area will be judged on its merits.  
For information on what is an internal area, please click here.