With a mix of Asian and European styling, this Chinese restaurant is one that stands out from the crowded chinese restaurant market.  Our client allowed us to use our creative flair to showcase the star of the show, Norman.  The owner of the restaurant cooks up a storm and we enshrined his image in the mix of early 1920's advertising posters and communist propaganda banners, straight from the streets of Shanghai. See if you can find the dumpling master hiding in the artwork!  Specific imported light fixtures from China along with a mix of textures and finishes really create a warm glow in the evening.  One to go and experience to truly feel the atmosphere.  Its small location with a private mezzanine dining room mean Shanghai Street Dumplings really is a jewel in its locale.  A true destination.

Less is More

Great things come in small packages and when dining at Shanghai Street Dumplings you will notice a small fish scale brass tile on the front of the bar.  On its own it doesn't look like much, but as a complete surface it shines.