15 August 2016


The office is a place that many call a second home.  A place to be inspired and to be proud of.  Sometimes used as a recruitment tool and a reflection of where you place yourself in the business community.  Your cool office design could reflect the culture you are trying to grow and reflect.

Industrial and Raw spaces are in--but they're so much more than exposed steel.

It's undeniable that "urban rustic" is in —rough-sawn timbers, street art on the wall, and the polished concrete floors—has taken hold for the urban cool. Business owners want a space that looks honest or peeled back, and developers are willing to pay for that look in order to attract tenants.

It is the Managing Directors role to create a space and environment for people to do amazing work in but they are not qualified to do so and mostly have never done it before.

So what makes a cool office? One that gets you some relief when you walk away from your computer screen. One that you feel a part of and have some ownership. It is truly becoming more popular to be in a fresh raw space that hierarchy has been removed.  A space a team can truly preform.  A personalised interior for your office that fits you and your team is really what makes it cool.

An office that allows great work spaces with time out zones and meeting spots are the ones that truly work.  Remember work is a social activity and we all do more than just work at work too don't we!  So an environment that caters to all those daily needs is what to me makes a cool office

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