17 March 2016

I love the little things that we sometimes do after the big effort of a relocation. When the dust settles, everyone feels comfortable at their desks and begin to reflect on their new space and surroundings. This is when we sometimes get called back to have a little fun. With Saunders and Co., we created a modern open plan space for a law firm, which is not the norm. Firms often segment their offices, with partners in one corner and law executives in another. Saunders and Co. are a great group of people, with a warm and happy vibe round the office. It's a relief from the heaviness we all imagine a law firm holds. 

A couple boxes of old law books just didn't seem to fit in the new environment, but we all wanted to get them in there somehow.  So as we do, looking around for new ideas, we landed on the floating bookshelf and it seemed to ease the tension of the heavy volumes of law and give them a sense of freedom.  So a piece of art or a piece of fit-out?  Who cares? We think it looks cool. 

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Old is New
  • Just because it is old, don't chuck it
  • Law books and a simple bracket
  • A reflection of the past
  • An art installation made personal