1 September 2016

If you're up to speed with the new way to post your holiday destination on Facebook you would have seen the photos popping up on your friends news feed of their 360 degree view of the sunset from their deck or their 360 degree view of the ocean from their boat cruise or their 360 degree view on top of the snowy mountain before the ride down - if your not sure what i'm talking about below is my 360 degree view - the Element 17 offices!

First click on the goggles symbol on the bottom left corner - so a mountain symbol appears.Then click anywhere on the image and hold down the mouse and while moving around your mouse and you can move around the image.

If you haven't come across this, you're about too see more, Element 17 are using this new visual medium to show off our designs. We are taking it a step further and have the ability to provide our clients with a photo sphere view of there vision for their new restaurant or cafe or office- before it is a reality!

Below is an example of what you can expect to see

If you want the full experience , pop into out office and try viewing these ideas with our cardboard goggles - with these goggles on you will feel like you are standing inside your new design!