26 May 2016

‘A fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions’.

Paradigm Shift is an event hosted annually showcasing the latest products and technology in the architectural design industry. Each year they have a different speaker discuss their design and build processes, projects, past jobs and future aspirations. Element 17 had the pleasure of attending the event last week and hear from key note speaker John Klein.

In the Element 17 office we generally live by the phrase ‘assumptions are the mother of all ..... (need I say more'. Assumptions are usually the main reasons some jobs don’t go to plan, when you assume you are taking a gamble and this is where errors occur. We assume that you can’t make a building out of a specific material or a particular shape and we leave it at that. John is a pure example that this is not always the case. He proves that pushing the boundaries doesn’t always end badly. He digitally builds each shell of a building each layer showing the columns, slabs, framing, cladding and so on and he finds a way that it can be achieved and goes with it.

John is an inspiration to anyone working in our industry. He has accomplished so much for someone so young. John has worked on some of the most beautiful and transforming buildings in the world. As well as teaching the new generation  John is now working on changing the current issue of energy efficiency in design.

John is the founder of John Klein Design, an architectural design research studio based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. John is currently looking at combining design, engineering and science to simplify the current issue in the architectural world which is energy. The studio is currently working on concepts for Net-Zero Energy homes.

John studied at the Southern California Institute of Architecture where he attained a Bachelor of Architecture Degree. As well as Architecture, John also achieved a Master of Science Degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

He has worked as a Senior Architect  for the legendary Zaha Hadid for five years leading teams to design and construct large scale buildings and skyscrapers throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. Some of his works include the Wangjing Towers, Seoul WDP Design Park and Complex, Chennai Tech Park. One of the most challenging tasks that John overcame was the way that the cultures worked on site from mixing concrete with their feet to carrying construction materials on their head which effects the timeframe of the building to be established.

John also worked alongside a team of researchers to develop a 3D printer capable of printing optically transparent glass building components. Click here to view the video to see some of the incredible designs that were formed.


All images sourced from http://www.john-klein.com/