21 March 2016

Don't you love it when you get a thumbs up?

We all work hard and it is awesome when you get comments like this below. Well done to all involved.

"The Plato Creative meeting rooms are "funky", irregular shaped windows, unusual alignment of walls and the like; the workmanship in the fit out is exceptional. Cedar boarding with perfect mitred joints, rose head nails in perfect alignment. The entrance main stair has beautiful proportions which will be magnificent when the Muros panelling is applied. Plato Creative will have one of the best fit outs in the country, to the credit of designers and tradesmen."

We love what we do; working with craftsmanship and, if we were all honest with ourselves, there is nothing more awesome than someone telling you that you are doing a good job. We are all looking forward to the opening date.

- Steve

A High Five!
  • Creating some three dimensional shapes that are different from the norm
  • We love creating when designing for a creative agency.
  • Working with passionate people makes it easy.
  • Look forward to the home run and opening night...