23 February 2017

Well I had a great day at the cricket yesterday with some friends of business (as I would like to call them!) and while sitting in the crowd I enjoyed listening to the babble of people talking and laughing and how that made me feel being part of a great experience.

It really drove home to me how us humans are such social beings and like to be around others. What happens though when you want that quiet time at work in the open office? Or to hear that person on the other side of the coffee table in a cafe? Well there are some great products out there in the global market place and a friend of mine Joe Ward (who relocated from Christchurch, New Zealand to work for Colliers in Sydney) emailed me a link that I enjoyed reading which I wanted to share about a neat product for that extrovert in the office you want to wrap in cotton wall to muffle that annoyance factor. Have a look at the link an see what you think.


Also we have just been helping out Parry Field Lawyers here in Christchurch with a little reconfiguration of their office space and open plan acoustic issues. We installed some Autex Quietspace 3D tiles to some elevations in the office space. Check them out in the link below.We also put those in the meeting rooms at Saunders and Co in Christchurch city as voices where bouncing round the room. So need some help with getting the acoustics sorted in your work place? We have lots of different solutions from different angles so give us a call if you want to pick our brains or help in a way. Even the ceiling like we did at Plato Creative offices or Coffee Culture!

Acoustics in Good Interior Design